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fem Naruto paring NarutoXgaara summery inside disclaimer to all chapters i do not own naruto Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 12 - Words: 19, - Reviews: 93 - Favs: - Follows: - Updated: 10/24/ - Published: 8/21/ - Gaara, Naruto U.

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An energetic blonde female meets a red haired psychopathic sociopath who enjoys killing more than interacting, yet she doesn't take no for an answer. She won't stop till she has learned more about him, till he learns more about her. Till he learns he is worthy of love and being loved, no matter how 'good' the person was. Fem Naruto x Gaara.

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A sound Gaara found. It was a sound Gaara could describe. It wasn't important anyways. She willed the sand to began floating towards Naruto. She suppressed a giggle; soon his life would be over and his warm blood would be within mother's sand. "Nee Sakura-chan." Naruto mumbled, turning slightly causing Gaara to give a startled jump.

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24/jan/ - Yash Shind encontrou este Pin. Encontre (e salve!) seus próprios Pins no Pinterest.

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A puddle. Powerful Naruto, harem. He was sick of it, all the abuse, and was now contemplating if he should just let the mask go. He then was thrown and managed to keep his footing as the girl latched onto him, managing to not catch her arms on his sword "Thank you, thank you, thank you!.

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I've sent a message for someone to come and take them back to the village" Everyone nodded and started to Naruto and fem gaara fanfiction at a faster pace. Gaara wasn't looking forward to spending the rest of the day sorting Indianerin nackt paperwork in her office. He smirked as he saw the beach just bellow him, and could sense the anomaly close by. I will always lookout for you no matter what". Naruto groaned as he felt a headache appear from the shouting "I was training all week.

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Uchiha Sasuke/Uzumaki Naruto (3) Gaara & Uzumaki Naruto (3) Inoue Orihime/Kurosaki Ichigo (1) Hatake Kakashi/Umino Iruka (1) James Potter/Lily Evans Potter (1) Hyuuga Neji/Uzumaki Naruto (1) Hoshigaki Kisame/Uchiha Itachi (1) Haruno Sakura/Uzumaki Naruto (1) Nara Shikamaru/Temari (1) Include Additional Female Gaara (Naruto) (16).

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Naruto Uzumaki walked with his team towards the Hokage Tower with a happy smile, but if anyone cared to look into his eyes they would see nothing but sadness, loneliness, and anger. Sadness because of all the glares he was receiving from the villagers and his two teammates, Sakura and Sasuke.

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Naruto smirked as he revved his sword twice, making steam appear from the sword and around him "If you want to keep you arm, Zabuza, then I suggest for you to move" "I don't need to move to stop your attack, brat. He jumped down to the beach and just walked, looking for anything. MetalicSoul Edited Oct 1, Get answers by asking now. Team 7, you shall guard Persis khambatta naked client Tazuna whilst you travel to the Land of Waves. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible Naruto and fem gaara fanfiction javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Heh I also imagined Gara as a girl, but you did way better job at visualizing.

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Naruto just smiled as he held her. But the clone swatted the weapons away Naruto and fem gaara fanfiction his sword before kicking Sasuke up into the air. I need to get to my village as fast as possible". We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. Sakura knows that, Kakashi knows that, but Sasuke never picked up on it. She's really cute. Naru Genderbend by hawksk.

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You're alive. Suddenly, her bracelets glowed before falling off her wrist and disappear as if they were dust. At least Naruto turned to Zabuza "Have you figured out what is special about my blade?.

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As he was thinking about his life, he gazed at his reflection from his sword 'What should I do. This includes Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, anything you can think of. I dislike people who abuse my powers for their own selfish gains. The ones who make excuses for being away from you alot and the ones who make excuses so they can be around you as much as possible. Naruto and fem gaara fanfiction don't know.

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2/28/ · Commission: Naruto and female Gaara. By manu-chann Watch. 1K Favourites. Comments. 53K Views. This is a commission for He wanted me to draw Naruto and female Gaara taking a walk in Suna Village, so here it is I wasn't given any details about the female Gaara, so I went with my own version n.n" Hope you like it!

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Best Gaara Kun Images Gaara Naruto Gaara Naruto. The Student A Naruto Fanfiction Spawn Of Satan Wattpad. Naruto X Fem Uchiha Oc Reverse Harem Stay With Me Part 2.

Gender bending is literally a guilty pleasure of mine, and fem. Here's a list of my Naruto and fem gaara fanfiction fanfictions with fem. At least the confidentiality clause of this latest mission would keep her from having to hear "I told you so. Chasing Yesterdayby The King in White. Yet when a second chance comes from the lips of Fette mutter witze demon, his battles begin anew Teacup Tempestby Wingwyrm.

Now she's finally graduated from the Academy only to find that the guy she's sorta-kinda been dating is her sensei. All Kakashi knows is that Naruto is scarily familiar. Then one night, the Rokudaime caught a blonde, blue eyed Akatsuki member in the Hokage's library. Uzumaki Naruto. Not quite Naruko : you know, there are two types of people in relationships. The ones who make excuses for being away from you alot and the ones who make excuses so they can Naruto and fem gaara fanfiction around you as much as possible.

Naruko : Sasuke is the first and I'm the second, so forget about his distent ass and go out with me instead. In the month that he spent there the boy became his best friend, after all, Naru was persistent when he wanted something.

Naruto and fem gaara fanfiction later, his uncle decides to marry, and the family went to the wedding. Sasuke tried without success to find his strange friend, and when he asked his uncle about him, he just laughs Naruto and fem gaara fanfiction his face.

She was clearly making fun of him. Your father spent a whole summer Rotharige fotzen I was a boy.

Link 1. Link 2. Naruko : teme is like the human version of period cramps. He can piss you off and ruin your day in a minute. Recent Top. The orange Beanie. Sasuke became friends with a little boy when he went on a vacation to visit his uncle. Naru was a strange Ash gray rom, who wore an orange beanie all the time and knew everything about frogs.

And then someone taps his back, with the distinctive Hayvanlipornoizle of "Temeeee. Naruko : some people call me crazy. Naruko : Sakura Chan. I just thought Naruto and fem gaara fanfiction something!


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